Indian Masala Dabba - Extra Large

Indian Masala Dabba - Extra Large

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Masala dabba- a clever way to store your spices

Our Indian Masala Dabba / Indian spice box is round stainless steel tin used to store mostly used spices/dry condiments.You can even take it with you to a zero waste shop for your spice shopping !It is simple and practical storage solution

A Masala Dabba is a traditional Indian spice box set made up of one large outer tin with a lid and 7 inner spice pots filled with commonly used spices.

You can also use the bowls for giving snacks to children and use the steel tin for packing lunches/takeaways.

Spices not included


Outer Box
Diamater of the Masala-Box: Approximately 21cm
Height of the Masala-Box: Approximately 7cm

7 Inner spice pots
Opening diameter of each little bowl: Approximately 7.5cm
Base diameter of each little bowl: Approximately 5cm
Height of the single bowls: Approximately 5cm

With lid for the outer box and 1 small spoon of 8.5cm length.

This product practices or provides the following Eco-choices: Reusable, plastic free, recyclable, zero waste.

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