Face Rounds

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A gorgeous Eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton rounds

Face rounds are reusable, washable cleansing pads made of 1 layers of cotton fleece and 1 layer of hemp fleece. Hemp resists microbial growth (mold & fungus), so it is great for sensitive skin. They can be used for daily facial/skin cleansing, makeup removal, application of toners, astringents etc. Stains can be rubbed off with a boreseep soap/laundry soap. Washing it in a gentle washing machine cycle or hand wash will prolong the life of the fabric. Use of mesh bag is recommended if it is machine washed.

By switching to reusable facial rounds you are taking a step towards a low-impact lifestyle!

10 Reusable face rounds  - R82.67 


7 cm in diameter
Made from cotton and hemp fleece

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices : Reusable, plastic free, recyclable, zero waste, proudly South African, low carbon footprints

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