Mesh Produce Bag for Spinach

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 A fabulous buy for a zero waste shopping

Mesh bags are reusable, lightweight shopper bag to replace single use plastic bags when buying and weighing spinach or any other fresh loose produce from a store or market.


  • Approximately  23cm wide x  50cm height
  • Holds 2 to 3 kgs
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Fabric is light-weight, hard-wearing, washable
  • Easy & convenient storage.
Mesh bags offer high breathability and product visibility.You can also wash produce directly in mesh bag and place them straight into the fridge. Ecoelephant mesh bags can be used for multiple purposes like storing toys, crafts, washing small laundry items and ideal for organizing

By using these produce bags, you will spread awareness every time you visit the grocery store and save our planet one bag at a time!

Additional information

These bags are extremely lightweight so you don't need to worry about it impacting on the cost of the veggies when they go on the scale! Despite the light weight, they are extremely strong.

Mesh Bags are very practical for grocery shopping in stores especially weighing in grocery section, which mean that you answer fewer questions from the scale or till operator about what's in each bag, since they can see through the mesh.

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices : Reusable, zero waste shopping, proudly South African, low carbon footprints,ecobrick when it can no longer be used.


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