Shaving brush

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Shaving brushes are great for lathering shaving soap on the parts of the body that needs shaving. Shaving brush can create a better lather, can prepare & soften the hair and skin to ensure closer shave. They also works as a gentle exfoliate.

Wooden Handle
Bristles are made of  thoroughly cleaned pig hair bristles & plastic. They have a steel ring holding bristles in place.
Approximately 10cm long

How to use
Moisten the skin with warm water
Wet the brush, shake of excessive water and rotate the brush over the shaving soap in a bowl to create lather
Apply the lather in circular scrubbing motion to the shaving area.

Cleaning Instruction
Rinse off the brush with clean water and soap/shampoo bar. Dry them with a clean cloth .
Keep them in a well ventilated surface to air dry with bristles facing down.

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices: Reusable, handle can be compostable & bristles need to be ecobricked.