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Yuuki Menstrual Cups are high-quality Czech products made of medical grade silicon, meeting the strictest medical standards. All production and inspection processes are in full compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
Features of Yuuki Cup

Yuuki is made of Medical grade silicon. No risk of infection, allergic reaction or toxic shock syndrome. They are absolutely comfortable to use, suitable for sports and activities of all kinds Yuuki has a unique raised edge inside of the cup to prevent spillage during removal. They comes in original and unique packaging. The container is solid and prevents the cup becoming damaged while it is not in use.
The Czech Yuuki cup has a lifetime of 5 to 15 years . They are also financially beneficial as the amount used to get the cup will return within 5-8 months at the maximum

Cup No. 1 (smaller) / Soft cup
cup length including stem: 67 mm (49 mm excluding stem)
cup width (diameter): 41 mm
total volume of cup: 24 ml
safe volume of cup: 14 ml - up to safety ring
cup volume up to air vents: 17.5 ml

Cup No. 2 (larger) / Classic Cup
cup length including stem: 74 mm (56 mm excluding stem)
cup width (diameter): 46 mm
total volume of cup: 37 ml
safe volume of cup: 24 ml - up to safety ring
cup volume up to air vents: 28 ml

Yuuki will be a fit for

Cup number 1- Smaller cup
Ideal for more sensitive women
For young girls and women who have not yet given birth.
Rainbow Yuuki Cup is softer than Clear Yuuki cup
Clear Yuuki Cup is suitable for sporty women

Cup number 2 – Bigger cup
Women over the age of 28.
For woman who has already given birth
Women with high cervix height
Women who enjoys a regular sex life
Rainbow Yuuki Cup is softer than Clear Yuuki cup
Clear is suitable for sporty women, who have a stronger pelvic floor and who exercise 3 to 5 days a week.

Learning how to effortlessly insert and remove your menstrual cup can take some patience and practice.Wash your hands very well. A menstrual cup is first folded or pinched down and inserted into the vaginal cavity . There are various folding techniques for insertion; common folds include the punch-down fold, as well as the C- fold. Normally you don't need any lubrication for insertion. But if it is necessary for insertion, you can use distilled water, water base-lub or a little coconut oil on the rim. It will normally unfold automatically and create a light seal against the vaginal walls. In some cases it may need to twist the cup or flex the vaginal muscles to ensure the cup is fully open. If correctly inserted, the cup shouldn't leak or cause any discomfort. The stem should be completely inside the vagina.

Wash your hands and use the stem to guide your fingers to the base of the cup. Cup must not be pulled out by the stem . The base of the cup is pinched to release the seal, and by gently pulling on the stem in a zig-zag movements , the cup can be carefully pulled down far enough that it just comes into reach of a finger and removed. After emptying, a menstrual cup should be rinsed or wiped and reinserted. Menstrual cup needs to be emptied and washed at least twice a day i.e. at least every every 4 to 8 hours.

Sterilize the menstrual cup before using it for the first time by washing it in cool distilled water with a mild, unscented soap.

Rinse it well and sterilize it in boiling water for 5 to 6 minutes.Clean it before your cycle, every time after you empty it, and after your cycle. It can be washed with a mild /intimate soap and you can gently stretch your menstrual cup’s holes under cool distilled running water to remove any debris that may be inside them . Sterilized in boiling water for 5 to 6 minutes at the end of the cycle. You can sterilize it in a microwave cup sterilizer or in a pot on the stove. Let it air dry once sterilized. Wipe it with a clean cloth and store it in a breathable pouch.

This product practices or provides the following Eco-choices : Reusable & plastic free.

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