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Christmas in Cape Town - Planning phase

Christmas spirit starts months and months before for many of us. They say the time to start planning for the next Christmas is after you finish your Christmas dinner. Sounds ridiculous!  But if you really think about it, it does make sense. SO If you are someone who has to shop for many #ThisChristmas and would like to avoid last minute mall trawling,  here's a tip from us- Start planning !

Planning can avoid the stress of the holiday season. With many losing jobs and small businesses closing down, people in our country are in a desperate state. The desperation has increased the crime rate and it is time to rethink on how we spend our hard earned money. Can we do something to change the situation? Can we make a difference in anyone's life #ThisChristmas? A kind word or a deed or perhaps sharing their information in social media or with friends and family.....

 #ThisChristmas matters

  • #ThisChristmas I will be  a conscious shopper
  • #ThisChristmas I will make plans to give gifts that are meaningful
  • #ThisChristmas I will be realistic and support local
  • #ThisChristmas I will spend my hard earned money to make a difference
  • #ThisChristmas I will avoid Impulse buying
  • #ThisChristmas I will try to buy something from a #maker
  • #ThisChristmas I will buy a product that has a #story -Bonus point for YOU!
  • #ThisChristmas instead of bargaining with a maker, give them a little more. May Creativity & Efforts of each maker be appreciated.
  • #ThisChristmas I will brainstorm for new idea that are ECO-Friendly
  • #ThisChristmas I will make some #handmade gifts
  • #ThisChristmas I will try not to contribute to #landfill
  • #ThisChristmas I will rethink gift packaging
  • #ThisChristmas I won't let my Eco-friendly habits fall by the wayside
  • #ThisChristmas I will buy only what I can afford and need and I will stick to my budget.

Tips from us for #ThisChristmas

  • If you haven't already planned for Christmas, please do. Preparing and planning are the keys to a a joyful festive season. 
  • Stick to the plan and don't splurge.
  • Budget Budget Budget!
  • Make a list of people you need to buy and determine how much you plan to spend on each. When you think or see a particular gift for each person, jot it down.
  • Glitter is not the #magic of Christmas. It's just micro plastic. Please don't buy it ThisChristmas!
  • The time & money to find present for your parents, grand parents, siblings, cousins and your brother in laws parents can be a nightmare. We suggest to simply install a Secret Santa gift for extended families where each member picks the names of another family member out of a hat (or a family member pulls name for each other) and buys only for one person. Remember to set a price limit in advance.
  • Keep an eye open for small businesses, single mothers, elderly who are trying hard to make ends meet. True spirit of Christmas is to be generous, but don't be silly.  And please do share their information.
  • Let others know that you are open to clean lightly used preloved or charity shop gifts.
  • Its okey to go NO GIFT receiving or giving #ThisChristmas. Just let everyone know in advance.
  • Drowning with stuff? Let your family and friends know that experience is what you prefer this year.
  • Always quality over quantity.
  • Accept and decline invitations gracefully #ThisChristmas.
  • There is so much unfair discrimination in our country. Many are hurt and are in pain. Support makers directly or small businesses like ours. Support markets that allow diverse traders and doesn't rip off their traders. Do your homework. Our decisions matter and every time we spend money on something we are voting for it and creating a demand. Make the right people famous.
  • If a product doesn't say 'locally made' specifically chances are that it is imported. We can all fall into this misinformed buying.

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but in trees and flowers and clouds and stars." Martin Luther. May you have a wonderful time planning for the festive season so that you can enjoy it too!

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