Wholesale zero waste products

We would love to promote earth friendly living and encourage you to stock our gorgeous range of reusable shweshwe bowl covers, shweshwe dish covers, bowl covers,  glass straws, muslin bags, Indian stainless steel tiffins and lunch boxes, pouches for menstrual cups,reusable face rounds,steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, straw pouches , shweshwe straw pouches, cutlery pouch, cotton mesh produce bags, jute scrub, organic cotton napkins and handkerchiefs, Hessian pouches, Cotton mesh bags   .

Reversible Bowl Covers

Shweshwe Dish Cover Set

Glass Straws

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Steel Straws

Cotton Mesh Produce bag made in Cape Town 

cotton mesh produce bag made in Cape Town

Reusable Face Rounds 

100% Certified Organic Cotton Pouches

organic cotton pouches


Bento bags

If you are interested email us with as much information as possible about yourself, your store and any other relevant information you may think of (your name, email, phone number, store name, address and website, what other products you sell in your store) to info@ecoelephant.co.za for price lists.