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Good old fashioned Safety RAZORS

Ecoelephant's Razors are a planet friendly reusable alternative to disposable razors. Our safety razor is an all-metal razor with a durable handle along with a head that has a protective safety bar.  In a safety razor instead of throwing away the whole head to change the blade, the blade alone is removable and replaceable. The blade access is standard, where you screw off the whole head to remove the blade. Ecoelephant razors use a double-edged blade so the razor can be used on both sides.

Disposable razors can only be used for a certain number of shaves.  Since disposable razors are made of mixed materials they may not be easily recycled and can result in landfill.  We do agree that the zero waste and minimalist way to go is no shaving. But if you like to keep it hair free it is time to invest in a good quality  razor than buying one that would only last for 3 or 4 shaves.

 Safety razors are your ultimate zero waste shaving solution and  a smart investment for your sustainable journey. These elegant & functional unisex razors can be a perfect gift for yourself and you friends.  Saving the earth one razor at a time #yayforearth #buymeonce #minimalistic products

We stock 2 styles of  razors. They are both made of zinc alloy and are hard chromed to be corrosion resistant.

1. Short handle razors -   It is 8.5 cm long and weighs 60g.


2. Long handle safety razor -   It is 11.5 cm long and weighs 99gm. This razor gives a better grip and more control.


Benefits of using Safety razors

  • reusable
  • a classic yet functional design
  • smart investment for your sustainable lifestyle.
  • plastic free & package free
  • flawless, consistent and perfect shave

Guide to Shaving with Ecoelephant Safety Razor

Prepare the area with some lukewarm water & lather up with the shaving soap.
Slowly allow the head of the razor against the area to be shaved and glide across the area without pressing it into the skin.
Try adjusting the angle to find out the most suitable ways for you. A 30 degree angle works quite well.
After shaving , wash the shaved area with clean water and wipe the area with clean cloth. Moisturize the skin with a natural cream or body butter.

Care for Safety razor
Always remember to take the blade out of the razor after shaving. Rinse and clean ( Ensure all hair is out ) them individually.
Wipe it thoroughly with a towel. Store the razor and blade separately in a dry place. With proper care, they can last a long time.

We understand that you might feel a bit scared and nervous to use a metal razor. There is a learning curve to it and once you get the hang of it, they are easy to use.
Give #ecoelephant #safetyrazors a try!

Our lovely double-edged plastic free razors would be as awesome addition to your sustainable and zero waste bathroom. Our razors are available in physical and online shops nationwide. Ecoelephant is a wholesale dealer for razors in South Africa. Email  if you like to add this planet friendly product to your collection. 

When it comes to gifts we urge you to go as eco-friendly as possible and shop local & shop small. By choosing an eco-conscious product from a local small business you are going an extra mile to make sure that your impact is minimized. #yayforearth #reuse 


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