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The Best Dish & Bowl Covers in South Africa​

I have an obsession to Ecoelephant's dish & bowl covers. I know It is just a cover that goes on top of a bowl...why make a big deal out of it?

Here's the reason-
The idea of dish covers came to me when I wanted to convert a dish cloth to some sort of elasticated cover for my rectangle dish. Around that time zero waste products gained popularity in Cape Town. To my surprise I came across 2 or 3 brands who sold bowl covers. But none had a rectangle dish cover. I didn't buy any sample from them as I always wanted to do it from scratch, in my own style. I managed to find a seamstress and  she made a sample for me. After lots of trials and various seamstresses we successfully made it to perfection. A lot of physical work and time goes into the making of this product and with my debilitating health condition I did find it hard. Our special shweshwe fabric needs a lot of tender love and care. The fabric shopping, the soaking and the hand washing of lengthy fabric, wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. But then there is mindful ironing! We then dropping the fabric at the ladies to sew them. Once they are finished we pick them up. Its time for mindful quality checks and ironing, packaging, stunning photo shoots etc just goes on and on!

Ensuring the bowl covers are of high quality is crucial to our business and I go an extra mile and is involved in almost  every stage of its making. That's all about me and my love for bowl cover! Now lets talk to Ecoelephant.

Bowl covers made in Cape Town, South Africa
Reusable and washable fabric food covers are amazing Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cling wrap and make a functional zero waste gift.  The elastic around the cover will keep the cover on snug and tight on your bowls. A nice touch for your family meals, picnics and potluck suppers. Whether your covering  raising dough, unfinished meal or anything in-between, this is an addition to your zero waste kitchen.

Browse our collection of reusable fabric dish covers which are made in Cape Town by work from home mothers. Ecoelephant bowl covers are also  practical zero waste gift for any gift giving occasions like Christmas, house warming wedding, birthdays, bridal showers etc. Ecoelephant pride themselves in making the best dish covers which is affordable for any pocket size. When it comes to dish and bowl covers we have a wide range and some one of a kind to choose from.

Ecoelephant bowl covers are made with lots of love and each cover gets  personal attentions. How nice it is to support a small business like Ecoelephant where each product is gone through the hands of the owner before it comes to you. Yes attention to detail and who made your products is an ethical way to do shopping! A conscious consumer must be able to trace and track each component that comprises a product - from the suppliers through to the end product. We buy the original locally produced Da Gamma traditional Three Cats shweshwe fabric for many of our dish covers and bowl covers. Ecoelephant bowl covers are rich in vibrant color and traditions. ​Da Gamma source their raw materials as locally as possible and supports and provides employment to 500+ people in The Eastern Cape.

Food covers in Cape Town

Ecoelephant sells Dish cover sets, bowl cover sets, reversible bowl cover sets and individual bowl covers.

Our dish cover set is made of single layer of fabric and has  3 fabric covers. A dish cover set includes 2 round bowl covers and 1 rectangle dish cover.
1 Small Round Dish Cover – Fits a bowl of approximately 14cm
1 Large Round Dish Cover - Fits a bowl of approximately 24cm
1 Large Rectangle Dish Cover - Fits a rectangle dish  of approximately 35cm

Our bowl cover set is made of single layer of fabric and has 3 fabric covers. A bowl cover set includes 3 round bowl covers of various size.
Large - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 25 to 30 cm
Medium - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 20 to 25 cm
Small  - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 12 to 15 cm

Our reversible cover set is made of 2different fabric and has 3 fabric round bowl covers in a set. 

Reversible bowl covers are made of two different fabric in different patterns on each sides  making these covers reversible.
A reversible bowl  cover set includes 3 round bowl covers of various size.
Large - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 25 to 30 cm
Medium - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 20 to 25 cm
Small  - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 12 to 15 cm

Ecoelephant also stock individual bowl covers of various sizes & assorted fabric( shweshwe, cotton, hemp, African print )
Fits 10 to 15cm bowl
Fit 15 to 18cm bowl
Fits 23cm
Fits 25cm bowl
XL cover 30 to 34cm
XXL cover 35- 40cm

Fabric used for our bowl covers

We use 100% cotton of various fabric weight- GSM to make our dish and bowl covers. Shweshwe, African print, Printed cotton, Plain cotton, Heavy weight fabrics Hemp linen are some of them. Have a look at this gorgeous Hemp dish cover set


Does Fabric weight matter for food covers?
If the purpose of bowl cover is just to keep the bugs off then fabric of lower GSM weight like shweshwe, African print fabric and thinner cotton is fine.  Fabrics with higher fabric weight like the Protea dish cover sets, reversible bowl cover, Guinea fowl bowl cover sets might help to keep the salads crispy and the raising of dough.

Why buy Ecoelephant Dish covers and Ecoelephant Bowl covers

  • Ecoelephant dish covers are breathable, attractive and reusable fabric covers for a low waste life style.
  • Ecoelephant bowl cover are an Eco-friendly gift.
  • Ecoelephant dish covers are made by  women of color who are either single work from home mothers or seamstresses who is trying their best to make ends meet. Great emphasis is always placed on the quality of our work.
  • Ecoelephant dish cover is a absolutely lovely South African Gift.
  • Ecoelephant dish covers makes great gifts and they are light to travel with.
  • Ecoelephant dish covers are made from locally sourced fabic. Design is printed on the locally produced fabric. The cotton yarn is sourced from local spinners, it is then woven, bleached, dyed, printed and finished in South Africa.
  • Ecoelephant bowl covers are made from 100% cotton.
  • Ecoelephant dish cover is locally made with lots of love #madeincapetown #localislekkar
  • Ecoelephant bowl covers are truly useful and practical presents that brings South African touch to your table.
  • Each Ecoelephant bowl covers is carefully made with at most attention.
  • Ecoelephant's dish and bowl cover prices start from R125.
  • Ecoelephant's dish covers are a practical zero waste gift.
  • Ecoelephant's bowl covers are very handy in the kitchen.
  • Ecoelephant's discovers are a thoughtful host and hostess gift.
  • By buying Ecoelephant's bowl covers you are making a positive difference to a small business. Shop small to grow your community.

Last but not least - we have raving review of our dish and bowl covers.The excellent workmanship of our product is remarkable. We avoid reviews being put in the website for privacy reasons But we really feel loved when we receive emails,messages and feedback's on our food covers.

ThisChristmas #buyabowlcover from #ecoelephant.
Your purchase #makesadifference
​Think green for Gifts and support #small #local business

Ecoelephant is the wholesale dealer of beautiful  bowl covers and dish covers to many zero waste shops, gift shops in South Africa. We also supply our products to organization like WWF and to ethical businesses in  USA.

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