About Us

Everybody starts their zero-waste journey from some where different, based on what catches their interest. We started by feeling uneasy about the stuff we own and throw after a single shopping. After a little bit of research, we realized that there are lots of products that we can use and simple things that we can do to achieve a waste-free life. We decided to make small changes, to live more simply and more sustainably. However, finding and getting these Eco-friendly products turned out to be difficult. So here we are with our lovely set of products to help you with your zero-waste life. Have fun browsing these colorful and trendy zero-waste and low impact products. Ecoelephant is one among the oldest zero waste business in South Africa (opened in 2018) .

About Tina Beyer

Tina Beyer, the founder and owner of Ecoelephant, runs the online shop from home. She is an aspiring/evolving minimalist who loves simple things in life.  She grew up in Kerala, India and holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Information Technology and various diplomas and post graduate diplomas in Naturopathy, Yogic Science and Ayurveda.  Tina is married to Pat and they have a beautiful Eco-warrior daughter. 

The Zero-Waste movement is growing, and Tina feel very happy to be on board. Her business is about people, inspiring and educating each other to make better choices, creating jobs locally and touching lives. Living sustainably results in a more meaningful life.  We don’t want to make sustainability expensive, therefore we try to be as affordable as possible to encourage a  low impact lifestyle. We also love it when one products can be used for many different things - it makes life so much simpler and sustainable.

Remember that as consumers, our buying power can be a strong force for positive change. Every time we spend money on something, we create a demand.  We are voting for more of it to be produced, whether it is our intention or not. Choose to generate demand for things that we believe should one day become the norm instead of the exception. It is not about recycling more,  it is about wasting less.

We believe that there are natural and zero-waste alternatives to things we use in our daily lives. Living a waste-free life doesn’t have to be gloomy and we bring  sustainable lifestyle with colors and fun.  We are focused on “refuse reduce, reuse and recycle.”

We encourage locally made products. Our aim is to include others, especially mothers, elderly  and women entrepreneurs, by creating local employment opportunities. All our  handmade and handcrafted products are made by work from home mother/ladies, elderly ladies & community upliftment projects. Some of these women are the sole breadwinners in the family. They hold together families affected by poverty. These ladies in spite of the grief, poverty, stigma, and violence, care for their children, families and grandchildren. They may also be nursing the dying and bringing up orphaned grandchildren on their own.

We aim to up-skill & re-skill these ladies and turn the tide on poverty & ill-health in their homes & communities and give them a decent wage.


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