Ecoelephants Straw Cleaning Brush

  • R 10.00

Only 30 left!

Have one of these to clean your straws 

Our straw cleaners make it much easier to clean the inside of your reusable straw properly! It is also useful for general cleaning purposes. They can bend and shove into small pipes and hoses that have curved edges to clean inside.They are also ideal small cleaning brushes for difficult places to reach.

Our straw cleaner is made of nylon bristles and a stainless steel twisted wire .These are great for keeping in your straw pouch so that you can clean and wash your straw whenever, wherever!


  • 23cm long
  • 20cm long

This product practices or provides the following eco choices : Reusable, stainless steel twisted wire can be recycled and the nylon bristles can be ecobricked

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