Hemp Wash Cloth

Hemp Wash Cloth

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By switching to hemp you are taking a step towards a low-impact lifestyle!

Our hemp wash cloth  are locally made by a group of elderly women in township. These beautifully hand knitted hemp cloth  are great for cleansing, scrubbing & exfoliating your skin and improves blood circulation and also works well in kitchen for scrubbing dishes, veggies ,cleaning the pantry, dinning table, you name it. 

They are naturally biodegradable and compostable. After every use , wash the scrub in fresh clean water and line dry. They lasts for months and is recommended to be replaces every 3 months.

Hemp is an environmentally friendly fabric and is fully biodegradable. Hemp is great for sensitive skin and resists microbial growth (mold & fungus). Hemp uses about 5% the amount of water it takes to grow cotton. Hemp does not deplete the soil of nutrients, but rather nourishes it instead. Its deep root system prevents soil erosion. Hemp is resistant to insects which means less to no use of pesticides. Hemp grows extremely fast. The growing cycle for hemp is approximately 108 to 120 days.


1  hand knitted hemp wash cloth
Approximately 18 x 17 cm in diameter -They are handmade and sizes might slightly vary

This product practices or provides the following eco choices : Reusable, plastic free,  compostable , zero waste, proudly South African, low carbon footprints

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