Safety razor -For Men & Women

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Safety razor is a sustainable and beautiful alternative to disposable razors.

A safety razor is an all-metal razor ( ours is hard chromed razor) with a durable handle and double-sided blade. In a safety razor instead of throwing away the whole head to change
the blade, the blade alone is removable and replaceable. The blade access is standard,
where you screw off the whole head to remove the blade.

The Razor is made of zinc alloy and are hard chromed to be corrosion resistant.  It is 8.5 cm long weighs 60 g.

After shaving take the blade out of the razor . Rinse and clean ( Ensure all hair is out ) them individually. Wipe it thoroughly with a towel. Store the razor and blade separately in a dry place. With proper care, they can last a long time.

The set includes
1 Safety razor - All metal hard chromed  and is 8.5 cm long Weighs 60 g.
5 number of blades 

How to shave?

Prepare the area with some lukewarm water & lather up with the shaving soap.
Slowly allow the head of the razor against the area to be shaved and glide across the area without pressing it into the skin.  Try adjusting the angle to find out the most suitable ways for you. 30 degree angle works quite well. After shaving , wash the shaved area with clean water and wipe the area with clean cloth. Moisturize the skin with a natural cream or body butter.

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices : Reusable, plastic free, recyclable, zero waste.

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