Stainless Steel Snack Box-small

Stainless Steel Snack Box-small

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Snazzy round food storage container!

Ecoelephant's round stainless steel lunch box works wonderfully as a convenient lunch box/ container for children and adults. It is light and compact to carry snacks. They are ideal for work and school, long trips, camping, picnics, adventures, take aways and food storage in the fridge and freezer. You can also put different food in a food wraps and store it in the snack box. The lid can also be turned upside down and used as a small plate.

They are also great for dry produce shopping, for baked goodies and for buying small amounts raw meat and fish( keep one or two apart ,just for meat and fish).

Approximately 4 cm x 10 cm (Height x Diameter)
201 food grade stainless steel
Free from plastic, BPA, phthalates and lead.
Made responsibly in India
Wash in warm soapy water
Not for use in microwave

Additional Information

Did you know that more and more research is proving that toxic compounds found in plastic cause health problems ranging from cancer to infertility?

While many plastic bottle and food storage manufacturers offer BPA-free claims, scientific studies show that BPS, its replacement, is linked to endocrine disruption and potentially just as toxic as BPA.

Phthalates- a class of chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride plastics, found in products ranging from shower curtains to cosmetics to intravenous-fluid bags — have been shown to disrupt hormones in animals and have been linked to hormone disruption and reproductive harm.

Switch from plastic to either stainless steel or glass containers

This product practices or provides the following Eco choices: Reusable, plastic free, recyclable, zero waste.